Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm Back

Hey guys, I decided to come back to my blog after almost two year of  inactivity on my blog.. Ermm.. Let me think! How to start an opening??? Just talk about my love story.. Is really change alot.

Start from my 21yrs old, I break up vf a guy(if u see my blog before u will know who that guy). Finally I did it, abit sad at the moment. Make me fucking suffer.Everyone really didn't even think about that we will break up , but every realtionship behind have a story never peoples will know it..Whatever everything is pass , just look foward to my life .

I meet alot of new friend at my pretty's bf birthday party. 1 of the guy on that day quite LANSI, really give me a bad image. Maybe he are not open minded guy( HAHA ). So I didn't play vf this guy alot on that day.
After a month, this guy is celebrate his birthday and invite me. Start for that time, me and this guy began to contact. Sometimes will going out at night have a supper or tea. This guy is changed my mind how I think about he. No longer, I started vf this guy in relationship. So is time for me to introduce he. His name Derric Cheong.( izzit very happy? =p) Time pass so fast, in relationship vf he 252days. He really treat me like a baby, care alot of me..Even I become the Lion King he still so love me. (I knw u'r laughing nw stupid derric cheong)

I'm lazy to continue, so wait for more story about of me lahhhh...
A important things I have to announce My Birthday COMING SOON..
Remember wish me on 27 May. Love u all.. Bye~ Muackzzz

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